British GT Season with Aston in Doubt

21st January 2009

SRO Confirms Ginetta Rethink
Six GT4 G50s Expected

After news broke at the FIA Awards last year that the decision to move the Ginetta G50 to the Supersport category had been reversed, the SRO has now officially confirmed the move.

This means that the GT4 version of the G50 will be allowed to continue in the British GT Championship and, for the first time, will be admitted to the GT4 European Cup. Six examples of the car are expected in the British and European series, alongside marques such as Aston Martin, Nissan, Audi, BMW and Porsche.

Most importantly, the required equalisation test will take place on March 17/18 at the HTTT; “SRO have organized a Balance of Performance test day at Paul Ricard to include the Ginetta G50 and other eligible GT4 cars” said SRO’s Bernadette Fitzsimons. “The key to British GT4 is diversity and affordability. Once equalization is complete we are confident that the GT4 grid alone will have at least 12 cars and five marques and we look forward to its further expansion.”

It is clear from recent conversations – held between DSC and past and potential entrants in the category – that this test is likely to determine the success or otherwise of GT4 in 2009. The pace of the G50s in 2008 actively discouraged teams from racing against them; but the issue was not with the car itself, but with the perceived failure to apply the correct equalisation measures. If the SRO cannot convince the non-Ginetta teams that they have got it right for 2009, the consequences could be very serious for the category.

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