New for 2010 our skid-pan car control courses are held at the Bruntinghtorpe Proving Ground Facility in Leicestershire.

The courses offer an excellent opportunity for drivers of high-performance vehicles to learn how to handle their car in a safe and controlled environment. The low-grip surfaces ensure tyre and suspension wear are kept to a minimum while ensuring massive gains in skid control.

Courses are made of any or all of the following elements:

  • Skid control – basic understanding of understeer and oversteer
  • Braking Systems (ABS) – demonstration with systems on and off
  • Aquaplaning - control of a vehicle with no surface grip
  • Power-sliding – understanding and controlling a full power slide
  • Water dispersion – understanding the tyres ‘footprint’
  • ESP control and demonstration
  • Elk Test – high speed changes of driving direction

Courses are normally road car safety or high-performance competition orientated  so please Contact us directly for further information.

“Peter has the most phenomenal, natural car control I have ever seen”
Mike Jankowski, Team Owner, Creation Autosportif

Check Calendar and Rates for dates and availability.

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